English Subject Targets are
  •  to enhance our pupils' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English through our School-based
  • to enrich our pupils' learning experiences through various types of activities      
  • to help pupils extend their knowledge and exchange experience with people of other cultures    
Characteristics of our English Curriculum
  • PLP-R/W- Primary Literacy Programme-Reading/Writing is implemented from P.1 –P.3.  Pupils learn and practise different text types, phonics  and reading skills through shared reading, guided reading and interesting writing tasks.
  • For P.4-P.6, we implement Key Stage 2 Integration Programme (KIP) to enhance pupil's comprehensivestrategies and writing skills through small-group guided reading and process writing.
  • Interesting and purposeful language learning tasks and activities  are adopted in the GE lessons.
  • Big-book sharing and guided reading are  interesting.
  • Learning phonics skills helps us read.

  • Meaningful writing task!

  • Enjoying fun activities.

  • Let's play games together!

English Activitie

In order to let pupils have more opportunities to explore themselves into a language rich environment, different kinds of English activities are held throughout the year.

Whole school-based activities
  • Funland
    Pupils visit 'Funland' during lunch recess.  They enjoy playing the interesting booth games held by the English ambassadors.
  • Variety Show
    Splendid performance is presented by each class.
  • Speaking and Spelling Week
    The representatives try their very best to gain points for their class in the competition and pupils line up to finish their tasks during recess.
Performance and Competitions
  • Drama Club,  Puppetry and Choral Speaking
    Pupils can enhance their speaking skills and experience in using English in creative and motivating ways.  
  • Debate, Scrabble and Little Maze Runner
    Pupils have opportunities to test and practise their language skills by joining these challenging tasks and competitions. 
Other Learning Activities
  • Reading Buddies
    Pupils enhance their reading skills with the help of the Reading Buddies from Tin Ka Ping Secondary School.  
  • Reading Ambassadors
    Lower primary students listen attentively to the stories told by Reading Ambassadors. 
  • ECA
    Pupils enjoy the fun of learning and practise English skills in extra-curricular activities.